towards a Better Future in Communication

Mobile Application info

Awareness of the most useful applications for professional and educational activities.

Public safety & security

Road Communication Technologies and Road Safety Awareness

E Waste Management

Concern for personal and environmental protection in the context of new technology

Mobile Phone Clinic

Safe and clean use of a mobile phone and technical assistance

Telecommunications safety

Personal security as well as protection of technical equipment

Health and Safety

Guide to avoiding physical and mental confusion when using new technological tools

MSL Project & Event

MSL National Event

Government Program – Seminars and Mobile User Workshop

MSL Lucky Number

Members of Mobile phone Use are eligible for this draw.

Personal Development

How to Use Technology to Increase Personal Development

M Education Pro

Towards a better future in communication Pro

M Photography

Towards a better future in communication Pro


E-Collector – e-waste collector (for communications device

With Ur Mobile

Street interview with Ashan Online

M Doctor| Phone Clinic

M Doctor – Phone Clinic (inspection, services & advice

Towards a better future in communication

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